Monday, August 4, 2008

Rain Rain

It rained incessantly for last three days. Though it gave relief from the sapping summer heat, it also cast its inevitable gloom. Sad and dark rainy days. Heavy, black clouds gained an upper hand in their perennial battle with the sun. Sometimes it became very dark, dark enough to dissolve the boundaries separating day and night. Clothes, too, wore the typical wet and damp perfume. If you had grabbed and squeezed a palm-full of air, I am sure it would have disgorged water. It was so damp! I was feeling like a prisoner. Prisoner of rain!! I sat patiently inside the house having only an occasional glimpse of outside. Yesterday night I slept listening to the clatter of rain drops on the tin shed.

I wake up, however, to a bright sky. There are still few leftover clouds but otherwise it’s very cheerful. A complete turnaround, I must say. I come to the gallery of my room and cast a glance ahead.

Nature has responded superbly to this rain. Earth is so thrilled & smelling so splendid that it has outdone even the best from the Chanel’s. Greenery has spread its wings to every possible corner. Birds are chirping so loudly as if to makeup for the lost time. The newspaper boy waves hand at me. Probably he is wearing the biggest smile. Why you ask? Because he must use the same pair of clothes throughout the day, he has only two of them. Rain soaks his day, literally. But today he doesn’t need to worry. The day is nice and cool. Easier to paddle his way from house to house, from lane to lane. Maybe I should get a raincoat for him.

I come inside my room. I am feeling fresh as a daisy. Lots of things are pending and the morning is so pleasant. Seize the day, I tell to myself. See you again, Precious. So long!