Saturday, August 8, 2009

Miss you!!!!!!!

Why is it that only after you lose someone you realise her importance, her place in your life?? The value of her presence dawns upon you only when you find yourself staring at the void created by her absence. She came close to leaving me, some time ago. But fate intervened and she stayed. However, this time around she is gone, definitely. Forever.

She was one of the closest friends and a confidante. I told her everything. She listened to everything. The songs I sang, the poems I recited, the curses I threw at myself. She was a witness to all. And what did I give her in return? I tormented, tortured, neglected her. She never complained. She always stood by me when I needed her the most..and boy, how often I needed her!!!! She never cribbed about time, place, occasion as if she never had her own priorities, her own life, her feelings, her expectations. I know she had. I could feel when she wanted to be comforted, to be placated, to be loved. After all, she was not just anybody. She was my companion. She was there when I celebrated. She was there when I mourned. She was there when I won and she was there when I lost. She was there when I smiled and she was there when I cried. But most important, she was there when I was alone.

I was foolish to have brazenly assumed that I can part ways with her. Ki fark painda hai?? I thought. Of course, life will go on. I will recover in a week or two. But for a romantic it is not easy to forget his love.Is it??( first, second, third..nth, now how does that matter!!!). How will I remember to forget her? Is it possible to forget her? Is it possible to erase her impression from the canvass of my consciousness?? I guess, it will take some time. After all, she was not just a bike. MH-31 BC 2844 stood for much more than that. Adios, sweetheart!!!