Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bhoole bisre geet..

Yesterday, for the first time, I greeted her with a smile and ...and she responded with the liveliest grin I had ever seen. In this age of ruthless competition, skewed human relationships, waning sense of belonging, when life has become precarious, more than ever before, if at all one must live, one must continue to consume resources and one must do his bit to push the race towards extinction, then he should do so for the sake of that smile. It compels me to forget the count of my years, it begs me to drop the cynicism with which the injustice around us, so easily, adulterates our thoughts and prejudices our actions, it asks me to shrug off the pragmatism for some time and act foolishly. It reminds me of those days when one had the ability to have a hearty laugh at anything, no matter how trivial, how churlish!! It reminds me of those innumerable bits of joy which I have conveniently forgotten in the quest of that 'something big'. It compels me to recall those moments and smile to myself. It urges me to revive my desire to enjoy life, it pleads me not to be afraid of being happy, it assures me that, though such moments will not last longer, they will never cease to find me. It asks me to wait for them and when they arrive, to greet them with the brightest of my grins, with the purest of my intentions. Then, it promises me, they will last forever.
The innocence of that smile has triumphed over my selfishness.

PS: Guys, this is total madness. I wrote this some time ago. Of course, for a gal. However, since this piece ,now, is reduced to just a juxtaposition of Roman letters grouped together in packets named 'words', I guess there is no harm in sharing it with you.So long.



Be a man and disclose her name this kind of a beautiful writeup for some one anonymous does not befit your bravery and courage. Come on we are waiting to know her name

Joe said...

Ahemmm.. ahemmm :P
*smug smug* Who is she, bolo bolo, tell tell... :P

Just a glance,giggle,few words or a smile of that person undoubtedly can make wonders on a bad hair day!:)

Phaneromaniac said...

@Gajanan- Jinke jawaab pata ho, aise sawaal poochhe nahi jaate...
long ago, I decided to be a boy for the rest of my life.It allows me to love unconditionally!!


The sawal was not for me but for the other enthusiastic followers of your blog.