Thursday, April 2, 2009

A mixed bag

Bonjour Messieurs et Mesdames. Phaneromaniac sincerely hopes that you all are in your pinkest of physical, mental, social, emotional, psychological, and, of course, financial, health. Amen!! Today, when I and Gajanan sat for our French lessons, Gaja had a surprise for me. But before that, let me introduce Gaja to you first. Gajanan Patil, earlier Herr Patil and now Monsieur Patil, and I met in a German language class and even before we realized we became chums. Probably because we both wear a beard. He, a French beard and I, an unkempt one. So to do justice to his look, I guess, he started to learn French on his own. Since I have studied a bit of French myself, I proposed that we sit together and do it. It gives me a chance to re-establish my French connection, you know. So when he came to my place today, he brought an entire French lesson, comprising of 16 chapters with translation in English and audio files, downloaded from the net. Now that is something very special because, for a change, the translations are correct and the audios clear!! The story recounted in the chapters looks quite interesting and I am sure it will be fun to read and listen.
When he left, naturally, mood was cheerful and excitement filled the hot summer air. Then came the shock. Aai had told me in the morning that she was going to Chandrapur to visit her dad. I said ok assuming that she will be back in a day. But just as I dropped her to the bus stand she said, “See you on Monday!” Monday!!!! Three days!!!!! What am I going to do for three days alone at home?? Already the days are eternally long and ass-burning hot. Moment she left, I saw ennui entering through the back door. I need a marker pen. For what? To write her name on the walls of my boredom. I must read “1001 ways of killing time”. Anyway, thanks Eluard for that line.

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